Amanda Jean Jarratt, CEO/Founder

Amanda Jarratt was born in Petersburg Virginia in 1984. She grew up in a small town where she loved to ride bikes, run track, and sing songs. Her imagination was bigger than anyone could ever believe and her spirit was filled with love, care, and passion for people. At a young age, she became a believer in Christ and her footsteps have never been the same.  Many times, mistakes were made, but she fell back on her spiritual beliefs and rose again.

Amanda now has two sons, ages 17 and 18 while she holds a MBA in Business Administration and Human Resource Management. She has operated multi-million dollar companies, holds her North Carolina Real  Estate license, and is part owner of a Professional Cleaning Company.

Her knowledge, wisdom and vision is far beyond average. Amanda’s best asset is giving back to others, as her motto is

“Give and it shall come back to you”. She believes in mentoring, educating , and spreading knowledge to the community.


Amanda has decided to step out on faith, as she has created a Faith-Based Business of Investing. Her vision for this company

is way above what any individual could ever imagine and she believes that it starts with a solid foundation. She has chosen individuals that would support her vision, as she teaches them one by one and guides them into what she calls a “Massive Movement”. Her passion and purpose on earth is to help build, guide and push others into success. Therefore, His Chosen Investment Group was established by the faith of a mustard seed.

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